Is This a Half-Million-Dollar Skyline R34 GT-R?


Is This a Half-Million-Dollar Skyline R34 GT-R?

The Nineties Japanese collector car market has arrived. In a world where a Subaru 22B can muster $312,555, the floodgates have been opened for Japan’s most storied performance cars of an era to raise some truly startling sums. Nissan’s R34 GT-R, made even more legendary by its famous unavailability in the U.S., is already well on its way to those levels, and recent sales of high-end cars seem to signal that a truly exceptional example could draw a number in the range of half a million.

This GT-R, offered by Tokyo’s BH Auction, is the V-Spec II Nür variant. That specific name represents an ultra-desirable combination of Nürburgring-themed amenities and upgrades paired with the higher-end N1 engine, which had previously been restricted to more spartan GT-Rs. While it is not necessarily the top of the GT-R pecking order, it represents something far more in line with the standard GT-R line than the more extreme Z-Tune. Those cars are a scarce 1-of-19, while Nür examples totaled 1000.

Putting a total value on this car is difficult. It was sold by the same auction house for $316,553 three years ago, but the collector market for Japanese classics of the era has grown exponentially since then. Hagerty notes that the closest GT-R in the world, another like-new V-Spec II Nür, has been listed at $485,000. That car still has over 350 more kilometers on its odometer than this example, which has traveled a recorded lifetime total of just 10 km. Hagerty also found an otherwise-unspectacular R34 listed for $335,000, priced high because it is eligible for show-and-display in the U.S. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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