Is Hydraulic Power Steering Actually Better Than Electric?


Is Hydraulic Power Steering Actually Better Than Electric?

There is a war of hyperbolic statements among enthusiasts, waged both in the comment sections of websites and in the texts of articles. Not one of worldly significance or anything that’d affect our daily lives, but one revolving around the switch from hydraulically assisted to electrically assisted power steering. Yes, I’m being serious.

Go to a review of any new sports car, one that switched from hydraulic power steering to electric power steering, and you’ll find savage comments on the state of sports car manufacturing or how the ‘95 Mustang GT was the pinnacle of steering feel and everything that’s come out since is…[insert your favorite fecal expletive here].

This all flies in the face of the fact that the average consumer couldn’t care less about the car’s steering system. Looking in, this likely seems like a weird hill to die on, but it’s an argument that’s captivated most enthusiast communities. Especially when it comes to steering feel. 

To catch you up about this pitfall-laden fight, The Drive’s undecided editors dropped our collective knowledge on power steering, steering feel, and how it all works below. Get ready for one pedantic issue. For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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