Insane Dodge Viper Has 3,300 Wheel HP, Goes 200 MPH In Quarter-Mile


Insane Dodge Viper Has 3,300 Wheel HP, Goes 200 MPH In Quarter-Mile

What exactly does it mean to go fast? That depends on context. For example, 200 mph is pretty darned slow for, say, a fighter jet. In the world of automotive motorsports, such speed garners attention but it’s not exactly uncommon. 200 mph for a street car is definitely fast, but in the case of this final-generation Dodge Viper, the jaw-dropper is how quickly it reaches that velocity.

Folks who attended the annual FL2k event in Florida saw firsthand what 3,306 wheel horsepower can do in a Viper. This year’s racing action took place October 7 – 10 at Bradenton Motorsports Park, and That Racing Channel on YouTube was on hand to capture at least some of the action. Tuning company Nth Moto used the event to unveil this silver Viper, built for a customer who wanted extreme speed in a car that could still troll the Cars & Coffee crowd.

As such, the exterior looks remarkably stock save for the fat tires and the parachute on the back. The interior also retains a factory look, sporting lightweight racing seats and a full roll cage that’s unobtrusive. The car still has power steering, a banging stereo system, and yes, it has functioning air conditioning to keep occupants cool. However, pulling up the handbrake doesn’t lock the rear wheels. It deploys the parachute. How cool is that?

For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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