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If a “Regular” Aston Martin DB4 Isn’t Special Enough, Buy This One

“The highest echelons of car collecting remain a very silly place to poke around. Take this outrageously beautiful 1958 Aston Martin DB4 that’s currently available through RM Sotheby’s Private Sales division. Ninety-nine percent of us are sold on the very idea of owning an Aston Martinany Aston Martin would be fine. The next step above us moneyless proles ask, “Yeah, but what kind of Aston?” The one percent go a bit deeper with an, “A DB4? And?” followed closely by the collectors in the 0.1 percent pushing one step further: “An early DB4 you say? Hmmm. I don’t know … I already have DB5 production number 12, and DB6 number 19 …”” For more, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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