How Honda Improved the Civic Si’s Already Good Shifter


How Honda Improved the Civic Si’s Already Good Shifter

One of the best things about the last Honda Civic Si was its lone transmission option, an excellent six-speed manual. The shifter’s tight throws and generally positive sensation made the gearbox a pleasure to manipulate. Now, for 2022, the Honda Civic Si is back as part of the 11th-generation Civic family, as is its six-speed manual, which brings with it two big improvements that make the shifting even better. How? Honda says the shifter boasts more precise control for a better feel, and the automaker added some Type R tech, too.

First up on the carryover transmission’s list of improvements? The ‘box’s mounting bracket, which is far more rigid than before. This is said to give the driver more precise feedback when paired with the shifter’s 10-percent shorter throws.

Moreover, the shifter’s feeling in the driver’s hand is improved by the use of a new leather-wrapped, aluminum shift knob similar to the piece in the outgoing Civic Type R. The knob’s weighty feel gives the driver a nice, substantial touch point, as well the satisfaction of more positive gear selection as the heavier knob helps the lever “pop” into position. 

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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