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How Do You Remove the 2021 Ford Bronco’s Fenders?

“Unlike removing the 2021 Ford Bronco’s hard top or doors, this procedure is not for everyone. Removing the Bronco’s fenders is not trivially easy, and it shouldn’t be done frequently. You could take the top and doors off every time you drive your Bronco, replacing them when you park it, but removing these panels is a much bigger deal. And please don’t plan on four-wheeling with these panels off, as this leaves sensitive parts vulnerable to damage. The best reason to remove these body panels is to replace them with ruggedized Ford accessory or aftermarket panels to preserve your pretty factory-painted ones while dicing with Jeep Wranglers at Moab or along the Rubicon Trail. (Originality fetishists take note: Many of the fender and quarter panel bolts are painted at the factory, and removing them disturbs this paint.) Another great motivation for removing fenders: To swap them with pals that own wildly different colored Broncos so you can each drive a Harlequin version (spot yours in the parking lot by its hood and tailgate colors).” For more, check out the full article from Motor Trend.

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