Hoonigan’s Latest Mad Build Is a … 1980s Subaru Wagon?


Hoonigan’s Latest Mad Build Is a … 1980s Subaru Wagon?

Travis Pastrana isn’t much more sane than the original Head Hoonigan In Charge, Ken Block, when it comes to vehicle ideas and builds. To fully demonstrate just how wild Pastrana is willing to go with the Hoonigans and Subaru, the team came up with this amazing looking 1983 Subaru GL wagon, the predecessor of the 2022 Subaru WRX. You better believe it’s not just a decal job on a boxy 1980s classic.

When the Hoonigans originally teased the front of their new Subaru build, many were expecting it to be a Brat pickup—which has a similar-looking front fascia, and an amazing jumpseat-equipped bed. As it turns out, the conspirators chose a slightly more obscure boxy Subie for the build. If you don’t know what a GL is, you probably don’t live in the U.S. or don’t know the ancestral history of the Subaru WRX. The GL is best known as the Leone everywhere else except Australia, where it’s known as the “L” series.

Yep, before the GM/GC/GF Impreza and outside the SVX, there was another AWD wagon that Subaru enthusiasts fell in love with. Originally, the 1971 Subaru Leone—Italian for “lion”—was a front-wheel-drive tcoupe and was Subaru’s largest and only non-kei car in the 1970s. It later became available as a wagon equipped with all-wheel-drive.

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