Hold the Tip: Meet Domino’s Autonomous Pizza Delivery Robot


Hold the Tip: Meet Domino’s Autonomous Pizza Delivery Robot

Ever feel like the pizza delivery person is judging your life choices? “Two large pies—is anyone else home?” Or, “Really? A $2 tip?” Maybe you just don’t like interacting with other people, hence the pizza delivery order in the first place. Rather than dealing with a restaurant’s worth of potential interactions, you’ll work up the courage for a single meeting with a delivery driver. Has Domino’s Pizza got the solution for you: A pizza delivery robot.

Yes, the robots have come for your pizza delivery jobs, but before you rise up with pitchforks raised, put down that lighter and the molotov cocktail and, instead, relax. The R2, the self-driving pizza bot made by Nuro, is only being pressed into service in Houston, Texas. For now, at least.

Keep in mind, Domino’s has been living at the bleeding edge of pizza-delivery tech for the past few years, notably with its DXP pizza delivery vehicle (based on the previous-generation Chevy Spark hatchback) and more recently with Carside Delivery, a contactless pandemic-related pizza-pickup method in which Domino’s franchise workers drop pizzas in your trunk or cargo area. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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