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Here’s a Closer Look at the McLaren Elva With Its New Windshield

Back in May, McLaren announced it would begin offering the Can-Am-inspired Elva with a proper windshield. For a new video released today, McLaren put IndyCar driver (and R&T contributor) J.R. Hildebrand behind the wheel of the limited-run machine.

“Where the Senna and Senna GTR exist to be the ultimate in track weapons, the Elva is designed for the ultimate immersive experience on your favorite roads, and to be completely unhidden from your environment—whether that be a coastal sea breeze or the paparazzi flash pulling up on Rodeo Drive,” Hildebrand told Road & Track.

To call the Elva a machine with a hyper-specific use case might just be the fairest explanation of this 804 hp rocket. The lack of any sort of temporary roof or windows is troublesome at times, and the fact that you can’t bring anything with you limits where you can take the car. Hildebrand, like potential Elva customers, doesn’t seem to care about those things. Instead, the racer noted that this is a hypercar specifically built for engaging driving. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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