Hello, Fellow Kids: Corvette Turns 70, Gifts Self 70th Anniversary Edition


Hello, Fellow Kids: Corvette Turns 70, Gifts Self 70th Anniversary Edition

Eight generations, 70 years, and for the first time, a mid-engine Corvette. This is an auspicious milestone for the legendary Plastic Fantastic, and Chevy wants to celebrate—a little. Like most anniversary special editions, there’s a nice frosting of exclusive content and special touches, but don’t expect any changes to the driving experience—which, given how the C8 drives, is not much of a problem.

Some good news is that the package isn’t limited to one model or the other; both the Stingray 3LT and Z06 3LZ coupe and convertibles will share in the goodies. And the goodies are headlined by two exclusive paint colors: White Pearl Metallic or Carbon Flash Metallic. That not special enough for you? Opt for the contrasting stripe package: Satin Gray for the former paint tone, or Satin Black for the latter. Plus, any option you can normally add to a 3LT or 3LZ is still available, so you could spec a Z51 or Z07 anniversary edition car if you’d like. And one more thing: this package is not limited. Chevy will build as many 70th Anniversary Editions as customers want to buy, so it’ll be hard to miss out, just as with previous Anniversary Editions.

The wheels will set the Anniversary Editions off from other Corvettes too, and distinguish the Stingray and Z06—as each Anniversary Edition model will have a unique design, but both rendered in a dark paint with a red accent stripe.

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