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Gordon Murray Automotive Will Continue to Use V-12 Engines For as Long as Laws Allow

It’s no secret that big-displacement engines are on their way out. Emissions laws and regulations are forcing manufacturers to downsize and electrify, meaning fewer and fewer new V-12-powered cars on the road than ever. Gordon Murray Automotive, the small British company responsible for the lovely T.50, says it doesn’t plan to abandon the V-12 anytime soon, despite its new investment in future electric platforms and powertrains.

In an announcement today, GMA outlined a number of plans for future expansion of the brand, including a $424 million investment into its current operations, new leadership appointments, and the formation of a new subdivision: Gordon Murray Electronics.

The new subdivision, according to the brand, plans to develop “advanced electrified powertrains” for bigger automotive manufacturers and tech companies. Presumably, that means Gordon Murray Automotive hopes it can become an EV supplier much like Rimac, the Croatian company that makes most of its money off supplier deals, while also building supercars on the side.

GMA says its already begun development on its own EV architecture, meant to be used on urban passenger vehicles and delivery vans. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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