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GMA T.50S Niki Lauda First Look: A 12,000-RPM, Track-Focused Mic Drop

What does Gordon Murray Automotive do after creating the ultimate driver’s car for the road? Make one for the track, of course.

“Gordon Murray designed his brand-new GMA T.50 to be the ultimate driver’s car. The GMA T.50S Niki Lauda cranks up that mission all the way to 11. Though it shares much of its DNA with the ultra-light, ultra-responsive T.50, the T.50A Niki Lauda has been reworked from the wheels up to deliver maximum track-day thrills. Ponder these numbers for a moment: The T.50S Niki Lauda packs 89 fewer ponies than McLaren’s monstrously fast track rat, the 814-hp Senna GTR, but it’s almost 30 percent lighter and can generate 50 percent more downforce than that car.” Be sure to read the rest of this Motor Trend article for the full story!

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