GM Design Imagines A Rad Off-Roader For The Future


GM Design Imagines A Rad Off-Roader For The Future

This looks fit for a dystopian video game.

General Motors may lack a dedicated off-roader, but its designers have no trouble dreaming up one. But don’t expect it to appear on dealer lots anytime soon – this is nothing more than a sketch. The latest share from the GM Design Instagram page shows off a radical off-roader that looks ready to conquer a distant dystopia world. It looks like a Halo Warthog built for the whole family, and that’s a big win in our book.

The sketch predominately shows off the angular front-end, which has a detached front bumper. The corners hold a three-piece headlight unit in triangular cutouts, adding to the already sharp-lined face. Below are two red markers that sit above a tough-looking skid plate. It appears to have a cab-forward-like design with the windshield right at the front, though the angle makes it difficult to tell its proportions.

The fender flares extended up and over the front bumper, sitting above the headlights as they house massive, muddy tires. The design gives the SUV an insect-like appearance. We can’t see that well inside, but there does appear to be seating for at least four in the right-hand-drive vehicle. The rear is difficult to distinguish, but there appears to be a small truck bed back there. The rear also has wide fender flares just like the front, which are further accentuated by a pair of intakes along the side behind the doors.  For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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