Ginetta G55 GTA…..The Friendly Entry To Road Racing


Ginetta G55 GTA…..The Friendly Entry To Road Racing

The G55, first launched in 2011, is a heavy refresh of the original G50. There are three trims to choose from: the entry-level GTA, the SuperCup spec-series car, and the full-on GT4 variant. Ginetta decided the GTA would be the car best suited to break into the American market. It uses the same FIA-certified roll cage and chassis as the GT4 car, but has its own suspension tuning, brakes, and drivetrain.

Ginetta’s newly established North American arm picked New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Thunderbolt course to show off the G55 GTA’s capabilities. Specifically, it picked a TrackXperienZ HPDE event (One of our sponsors here at GSMC)—a members-only program that skews towards younger, wealthier participants. With high-dollar BMWs, Porsches, Audis, and McLarens littering the paddock, it was a perfect place to display the car to potential buyers looking to track something other than their road cars.

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