Getting Our Moparty On At the Holley Mopar Party 2021


Getting Our Moparty On At the Holley Mopar Party 2021

Before the year 2020, if you queried the word “Moparty” into an internet search engine, you would’ve been gifted with a long list of results for a gastroenterologist with a practice in Texas. If you lived north of Houston and you needed a colonoscopy, you had hit the jackpot. Now that it’s 2021, we can’t imagine that Doctor Moparty is terribly pleased with Holley’s decision to purloin her name—now a newly minted portmanteau of the words “Mopar” and “party”—for the company’s giant Chrysler-centric car show and race program in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but it was inevitable; without doing so, the Stellantis legal juggernaut would’ve chomped onto Holley’s back side like a cheetah on a lame wildebeest. Dodge brooks no bullshit when it comes to the use of the Mopar name for anything besides the parts it sells. If all this sounds terribly confusing, it is. Just ask the promoter of The Nats, which is not a professional baseball team in Washington D.C. but a Mopar event in Columbus, Ohio.

It’s our good fortune that the law provides—just for journalists—the license of clarity in editorial use. We can describe Holley’s Mopar Party for what it really is and not get a cease and desist letter—or an accidental colonoscopy.

The Holley Moparty is a Mopar Party of the highest order, with drag racing, a Mopar car show full of high-impact colors, wall-to-wall Hemi engines of all generations, helpful Holley Hemi swap specialists, a Mopar-only True Street shootout, all-Mopar autocross course, and even a Dukes of Hazzard drift show that reenacts every single TV episode. (Note: No 1969 Dodge Chargers were harmed in the name of hooliganism, although last rites were administered to a significant number of tires.) For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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