Getting Lost in The Land Rover Trek Competition


Getting Lost in The Land Rover Trek Competition

We go through the effort to set up a secret alliance with Lindsey Vonn’s team, only to learn that our Land Rover Defender 110s are hidden amongst 4000 acres of woods, and our shared walkie-talkies are quickly out of range. So we spend the first hour of the morning standing next to some sheep with our photographer, Roy, while the other two guys on the team try to find our Defender 110 so we can begin the Land Rover Trek competition, on the Biltmore estate in Asheville, NC.

When the fellow members of Team Dirty Work eventually show up—they say the truck was “miles out in the woods”—we try to attempt the nearest of the many challenges vaguely mapped around the property. But we get lost and end up driving repeatedly through the parking lot of some skeet shooting competition, where people with shotguns start looking increasingly annoyed. When we finally find a challenge, it involves slowly navigating around pylons in a field, for an hour. In lieu of explaining how that works, suffice it to say that I have the time and wherewithal to build a lean-to out of branches to obfuscate a map hanging from a tree. We’re at the edge of the property, a Nissan dealer right across the street, harshing our Camel Trophy delusions with a row a 2021 Sentras just a nine-iron away.

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