Genesis X Coupe Is the Luxury Brand’s Most Gorgeous Concept Yet


Genesis X Coupe Is the Luxury Brand’s Most Gorgeous Concept Yet

The pandemic may have prompted the cancellation of major auto shows around the world for more than a year now, but the cars themselves are still coming onto the scene. Sometimes their appearance is something of a surprise, as is the case with this Genesis X concept. We were floored when we first saw it, as it’s a true show-stopper—if only there was a show for it to stop.

Harmonious as Genesis X Concept appears, certain aspects of the design strongly contrast others and make this car not only beautiful to behold, but quite interesting. Most lines and forms above the arching line that runs from the grille to the trunk convey precision and elegance, while below that line is overt muscularity. Its proportions are classic grand tourer, with wider fenders and clean and uncluttered surfaces. Up front is the most expressive, three-dimensional interpretation of Genesis’ “G Matrix” grille yet, and like all Genesis products, the winged badge is nestled in a slight recess that continues back down the length of the hood. The lustrous teal paint is looks rich, while the split-spoke argent wheels convey some industrial-grade grit. For the full story, check out this article from Car And Driver.

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