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Playseat Challenge

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I am just starting off in sim racing and I was looking at the Playseat Challenge. It is perfect for me because it folds up when not in use. if anyone here has had one please let me know if youve had any problems with it. 

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CJ Alevras
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Solid choice, I have the Next Level F-GT and love it, I believe tom has the evolution along with Seth, the frames can always be upgraded down the line,  If you think its right go for it and later on can change it for better if you get into it more seriously.  Is the reasoning of choice due to limited space? You may experience a lot of flex in the frame since its a foldable model.

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John Scialdone
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Here’s my Playseat with the Logitech wheel/pedal setup! For the price it’s awesome. Having a solid speaker system setup is a must. Adds so much to the experience. Once you dial in the in-game settings for road feel and steering force feedback you’ll LOVE it. 

Jack Giovatto
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i only have a logitech g920