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1991 Oldsmobile Quad 442 W41  


Joe Danon
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July 12, 2020 4:17 pm  


1991 Oldsmobile Quad 442 W41


With this reintroduction of the 442 (the last one was produced in 1987 that was based on the GM rear wheel drive G Body), the name translated into “4” =4 cylinders, “4” = 4 valves per cylinder “2” = twin cams.

This 1991 Olds Quad 4 W41 is 1 of just 204 built by Oldsmobile for homologation qualifications in order to compete in IMSA, SCCA & the Firehawk racing Series. 
The Oldsmobile sponsored racing team sponsored cars won 1st and/or 2nd place in every race that they competed in during the 1991 racing season!

My car is # 72 out if the 204 that were built during the single month of March ‘91. 

Out of the total run, 9 cars were dedicated factory race team cars that were all painted white without A/C installed plus many other “race prepped” modifications that weren’t installed in the remaining 194 “street” versions sold through a select number of high volume Oldsmobile dealerships.

These street versions were all painted red with a gray cloth bucket seat interior, A/C, Pwr Steering, Delco ABS Braking System, AM/FM Cassette radio and electric rear window defroster. In addition to their small production number, what really made the Quad 442 W41 special was it’s 190 HP @ 6800 rpm W41 High Output Quad 4 motor. This version included a factory blueprinted engine, with specific W41 dual high lift cams, larger intake runners and exhaust manifold, that was hooked up to a specially geared Getrag 5 speed manual trans with the power transferred to the pavement through a 3:94 ratio differential.
Per Motor Trend’s March ‘91 road rest of the Quad 442 W41, the car ran a very impressive 14.7 secs at 95.7 MPH.
These cars ran with the best of that period, the Mustang 5.0, the Camaro Z28 and outran all of the best that the Japanese brands had to offer. 

Here’s an article from Curbside Classic blog that featured MY car!