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Debating an Exotic

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As we get into the darker months of winter, and I start thinking about the upcoming spring.  I am thinking exotic...

But what to get? Right now the Aston DBS is tops on my list.  I feel as though it gives me the best balance of exotic looks, raw power and comfort.  Comfort is important to me.  I am looking to drive it, after all.  

Also on the list is the McLaren 570 Spider, 600Lt Spider and a Lambo Huracan EVO Spider.  Nothing is really off the list.  Except I think Porsche.  I have a 911 Targa 4 GTS and a Cayman GT4.  That is enough P car for me for now.  

So any thoughts would certainly be appreciated.  One caveat is that I do want it to be new.  I want the newer tech that comes with the 19-20 MY cars.  

Tom Hoff
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I would definitely suggest the McLaren 600LT spider.  As long as you have the right seats in it you will have the level of comfort you are looking for along with the true exotic look and feel you want.

Alexander Khoury
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Don't have experience in newer exotics, but if you can find a gated Ferarri F430, you won't regret it!

Mike Freeman
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The 600lt spider sounds like a good choice. It's pretty raw, but not too uncomfortable. AND you can retract the top on summer days for cruising.

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Vish Mohan
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How about the Ferrari F8 Tributo? If they're too hard to acquire right now, and comfort is a priority, I would go for the DBS! Like you said, amazing balance of power, performance and luxury. They also have an amazing presence and there aren't many around right now. 

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Jacked Smurf
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wonder which one u went with i like the 600lt choice or a 720!

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The  600lt is a dope car which did you go with?

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