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Hey guys, l I have most of this info in my about me tab but I am 24 years old from Ho-Ho-Kus New Jersey and have been into cars for as long as I can possibly remember. It is literally an obsession that takes up most of my conversations in life and almost all of my free time. I believe it started from watching all of the James Bond movies as well as most importantly the fast and the Furious franchise (Its almost annoying watching the movies with me because I know them by heart). As life progressed I got into watching racing and finally driving. for myself, as i am sure it is for many of you as well, driving is the best cure for pretty much anything. It never ceases to put me in a great mood. My first car was a 2014 AWD Dodge Charger V6. that i absolutely loved until the day it was stolen, from there I realized it was just bad juju. now i drive my 2018 BMW M4, a car i never thought i would own as i am a muscle car guy at heart. I once tried to trade my fathers 720 for a mint resto mod 69 charger… My passion for cars has built some of the best relationships in my life as well as broken some of the weaker ones (for the better). a prime example of building a relationship is with all of you guys but specifically my boy CJ ,one of the admins on this site, I met him ate one of the rallies was on and found out he went to collage with one of my boys from grade school. Now i talk to him on the daily and consider him one of my closest boys. Besides that sap story i look forward to meeting you all and participating in as many events as we can and truly make a name for GSMotorclub. 

Side note I am a big craft beer guy these days I know there is at least one other person in here so if any one ever wants to do any cruises to Magnify Brewery, Bolero Snort Brewery, Brix City and my two Favorite: Other Half and Hudson Valley Brewery. 

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Mike Freeman
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My passion for cars is similar to yours, (more of an obsession, like you said) and I hope to meet you at an event soon!

IG: @carspots__