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AWD Dyno?

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Vish Mohan
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Hi all,

Does anyone know of any good awd dyno shops? Preferably in the central jersey area, but doesn’t really matter. I’ve never taken a car to a dyno before so I don’t really know what it entails…. How much does it usually cost? Is there a specific kind of dyno that would best suit my car?
I’m finally starting to modify my Cayenne I got last fall. It’s the 3.0L turbo V6, so nothing too crazy, but I’m slowly waking it up a little. So far I’ve done a cat-back straight pipe and am looking to get a tune at some point…unfortunately there’s not much out for it yet, but it’d be cool to see what kind of power I’m starting with & will pick up. Any help is appreciated!

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Joe Lugo
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Check out Procom Racing in Toms River. They have tuned my STi many times. Very knowledgeable guys and amazing facility. 

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