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1987 Monte Carlo SS aerocoupe

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I little bit about the car.  I bought it in 1997 bone stock. Put on trorg thrust 2 rims, Hotchkis  sport kit stage 2.  Caddy front spindles and front brakes from old caprice police car. Rear brakes wheel cylinders from s10.  I blow up the motor and I built a 355 small block making about 400hp. I made a new pedal box for a 3rd pedal. I got a 3rd gen fbody t-5 trans and dropped it in.  Than I ran into problems called life.  3 kids house ect. pushed the car into the garage.  It sat there for 10 years under a cover.  Now with this new corona virus.  It got me fired up, to get this back on the road again.    I just pulled the motor and trans out 2 weeks ago to fixed the clutch.   I have the motor back in now.  Working on the bolt on.  Still a long way to go.  Will put some pic up soon. 

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Can’t wait to see this at upcoming events and finally on the road after so long. I remember seeing pictures in the group chat awhile back of you standing in the engine bay.