Formula E Will Race on the Streets of Brooklyn Again This Year


Formula E Will Race on the Streets of Brooklyn Again This Year

Formula E has really been having a heck of a time for the past 12 months—like most of us, to be fair. Organizing street races to try to get closer to people at a time where you’re meant to be staying far away from each other has proven as hard as that sounds. By the time we should have been at the first race of the year, in January we only had half a calendar even on the cards.

The good news is, racing did get underway and despite the difficulties of trying to move around in COVID, four races have now happened across the Diriyah and Rome rounds. Formula E is in Valencia, Spain this weekend for its first race at a “proper” circuit that’s being used vaguely correctly, bar a big chicane. The excitement of a fifth and sixth round has prompted the rest of the calendar to emerge, with Mexico, New York, London and Berlin rounding out FE’s first season as a true world championship.

The Mexican round shifts from Autodromo Hermano Rodriguez, in Mexico City, to Autodromo Miguel E. Abed, a slightly obscure oval track in more remote Puebla. Hermano Rodriguez has been the subject of rumors amongst the FE paddock about a possible double event with Formula 1 in the future but is currently a COVID field hospital, so couldn’t be used for this year’s race. For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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