Ford Fiesta Refresh Spied Showing Updated Front End


Ford Fiesta Refresh Spied Showing Updated Front End

The Fiesta keeps the party going.

While the Ford Fiesta is no longer part of the Blue Oval’s American lineup, it remains available in Europe. These spy shots catch the little hatchback’s upcoming refresh under development.

The engineers keep the tiny car under lots of camouflage, including covering the rear window. The most significant changes appear to be at the front where there is an extra layer of plastic covering. Still, it’s evident that there tweaks to the grille and revised headlights.

The alterations to the rest of the body aren’t as big. Our spies mention see tweaks to the lower bumper, but the changes are subtle. The taillight styling looks the same, but the inner edges are covered.

While not visible here, the updated Fiesta reportedly has small changes to the cabin. The infotainment features might get an upgrade, and there could be different upholstery. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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