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Ford F-150 Gets Active Suspension, Smart Hitch, and Onboard Scales for 2021

Ford announced today a slew of upgrades for its most popular vehicle, the 2021 F-150 pickup. Among the new available features are a “Smart” hitch that measures tongue weight, built-in onboard scales to measure payload, and continually controlled active damping.

The biggest news is the suspension. Designed to enhance the ride and handling, the available system uses a computer to “analyze multiple signals collected from high-resolution sensors” that in turn adjust the dampers to optimize the suspension for the situation. If the system senses a pothole, the dampers firm up so the wheel doesn’t drop as far into the hole, mitigating the strength of the impact. The system can be adjusted via the F-150’s available drive modes. For the full story, check out the full article from Road & Track.

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