Ford Explorer Remains Quickest Police Car Sold Today, for Now


Ford Explorer Remains Quickest Police Car Sold Today, for Now

Welcome to the United States, where the 301-hp V-6 Toyota Camry thrives and a 470-hp Jeep Wrangler on 35-inch mud-terrain tires reaches 60 mph quicker than a Ford Mustang Mach 1. It’s all screaming bald eagles until one ends up stolen, racing, and weaving between traffic like a drunken three-ton bowling ball. Sure, helicopters are fast, but somebody’s got to meet ol’ Breaky McLawLaw when their crime spree comes to a crashing halt. So what’s the best car for the job?

Although the law enforcement profession is far more dynamic than just high-speed emergency responses, many departments require their vehicles to meet what’s called a “purchasing spec.” Vehicles must meet certain requirements to be eligible for patrol but still have enough performance to be effective when responding to more dangerous situations.

The Michigan State Police (MSP) have published their preliminary results from their police vehicle testing at Grattan Raceway in southwestern Michigan. MSP troopers put four motorcycles and 11 vehicles through a series of track tests including acceleration, top speed, distance to top speed, braking, and lap times to make performance comparisons to help municipal, county, and state police departments in all 50 states decide on what fits their needs the best.

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