For Flying Fords, You Can’t Beat the Manx


For Flying Fords, You Can’t Beat the Manx

Our time machine clicks back to the nostalgia-and-Kodachrome tinted year of 1979, dropping us on a small spit of land in the Irish Sea, The Isle of Man. You’ll no doubt know this isle as the home of the TT, the annual insaneballs motorcycle rally wherein riders ping-pong between ancient rock walls and overgrown hedges at triple-digit speed. (If you haven’t seen footage of the TT, I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing with your life, but it ain’t good, brother).

But the Isle of Man also hosts an annual race of the four-wheeled variety, the Manx International Rally (now called Rally Isle of Man), and it’s every bit as spectacular, taking to the sinuous, narrow tarmac of the island.

Hark! It’s Rally Go-Go!, a hit of vintage rally footage to send you flying sideways into the weekend.

For the video and full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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