First Toyota with Solid-State Batteries Will Be a Hybrid


First Toyota with Solid-State Batteries Will Be a Hybrid

The next major step in electric-vehicle development is solid-state batteries. Compared to the lithium-ion batteries used in the current crop of EVs, solid-state units promise better range, quicker charging times, and a longer battery life. More development is needed, however. Back in 2020, Toyota said that it was working on prototypes powered by solid-state batteries, and now in a video interview with Autoline during the 2022 CES technology how, Toyota confirmed that it will begin selling vehicles with solid-state batteries by 2025.

In the interview, Gill Pratt, Toyota’s chief scientist and head of the Toyota Research Institute, said that Toyota is aiming to “commercialize” its solid-state batteries in the first half of this decade. Surprisingly, Pratt said that the first Toyotas to receive the new batteries will actually be hybrids instead of fully electric vehicles.


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