Ferrari Isn’t Done With Naturally Aspirated, Non-Hybrid V-12s


Ferrari Isn’t Done With Naturally Aspirated, Non-Hybrid V-12s

As the automotive world goes through profound changes, it feels like we’re always marking the end of an era. Such and such car is the last this or that, and so on and so forth. Ferrari’s mighty naturally aspirated V-12 has seemed like an engine out of its time for years now, and enthusiasts expect that each new 12-cylinder Ferrari will be the last. Surely you can’t keep making a naturally aspirated, non-hybrid V-12 into the 2020s, right?

Ferrari sees things differently. Yesterday, Road & Track spoke with Michael Leiters, Ferrari’s chief technical officer, to learn more about the new 812 Competizione. Naturally, we had to ask what the future of the V-12 looks like. The answer is good.

“We are working a lot on the V-12 family because we think this is a very important pillar of Ferrari, with very special characteristics,” Leiters said. “[W]e have a lot of ideas to answer to future challenges and regarding both emissions and regarding customer requirements and new products.”

For the Competizione, the 6.5-liter V-12 now offers 30 more horsepower and 600 more revs than that in the Superfast. Peak power is 820 hp at 9250 rpm and redline is set at a stratospheric 9500 rpm. Though Leiters said that chasing horsepower isn’t the only goal. “Eight-hundred thirty [CV], 850, 900, this is only a number,” he said. “Important is the feeling you have when you drive this car. So, constantly increasing and very much evolving the torque and power, sound, sound, sound, driving emotions, high revs. This is the path of the V-12.” For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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