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Entering The World Of Car Photography

I am back with another review/story. During this summer I decided to get into automotive photography, Driving on all these events were amazing and I will always continue to do it in the M3, RX-7 (When it works), or the Mustang. However, I wanted to be able to create memorable moments and wanted better quality than a smartphone. I decided to purchase my first camera which was a Sony A7R I bought used on Facebook Marketplace. I had 0 idea what I was getting myself into, the camera had an 85mm lens that was used for portraits and I had never edited photos in my life beforehand. I reached out to a few of my friends who are photographers for help. I decided to use my camera at a cars n’ coffee at Rock N Joes in Union NJ, I was very pleased with how the photos came out naturally as I really still had no clue how to properly work the camera. When it came down to edit the photos, that was a true awakening. Editing is crucial in photography to help portray the image you want to create. My first edit was atrocious, I had no idea how to do anything properly and I slowly learned through trial and error. I still have my first edit to see how I started off and where I am now to show that success comes with failure. I was finding it difficult to get the photos I wanted throughout a crowd as I had to be so far away to get the full vehicle in the frame but I loved all the details it captured from it being a portrait lens. After a few shoots of trial and error, I finally got the hang of how the camera efficiently and meeting with friends to go over editing I was finally comfortable with sharing my photos with people. It made going on rallies/drives more enjoyable because I loved making other drivers day by sending them photos of their car they were never expecting. In the gallery on the site, if you go to the PCNY X PLEIN SKULL RALLY those images were taken with an 85mm lens. For Christmas this year I was able to get an upgrade, a Sony A7R IV with a 24-70 G master lens. This camera finally made me versatile and able to move around and capture photos in a way I have never done before. The SikhWhipz Rally and “Media Day” were shot with my new setup. This camera has made me a better photographer but the A7R was an amazing beginner to start off with. I prefer Sony due to the ease of use and love the support behind it and I think their quality can’t be matched. I think Sony is the superior camera and it shows with how many people I know using their cameras. Getting into car photographer is an amazing way to meet awesome people and go on some wicked events that will create unforgettable memories. I have gone on some events as a passenger only to do media coverage and I have also driven my car with photographers in the passenger. Regardless this world is massive and worth branching into if you are open to it because the possibilities are endless. For anyone interested in photography work or have questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]. The featured image are my cameras.

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