Drag Freak! 6-Second Volvo 240 Wagon


Drag Freak! 6-Second Volvo 240 Wagon

We half expected to be meeting Swedes when we saw this turbo Volvo 240 wagon lift a wheel and run a 7.16 at 189 mph on the first day of HOT ROD Drag Week 2021. Racers from Scandinavia and Australia have a long history of attending Drag Week with ultra-fast and interesting Opels and other funky European hardware. We knew that international borders were closed, and no one had heard of any Swedes or Aussies making the trip this year, making us cautiously optimistic when we headed for the pits.

Owner Mikael Borggren and his co-pilot are undoubtedly Swedish. The accents, the shocking speed, the weird chocolate; it was all there. They live and work in Detroit, which explains how they made it to HOT ROD Drag Week in 2021.

The Volvo is lightning in a Grolsch (we know that’s Dutch, but you get the joke). It has a 388-inch LS-based small-block with mystery-racer heads and cam, and a 98mm turbo doing all the work. There is nothing too exotic about the rest of the car: it has a TH400 and a 9-inch, and the fuel is a mix of pump E85 and methanol.

The Volvo is in the Modified Power Adder class and has so far blown that class open with some low-7s and maybe a 6 if they can get all the parts to get along. It’s run as quick as 6.97 seconds late last year. The next fastest car in the class has a 0.50-second gap. If the car stays together, they should be able to dominate the class. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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