Cool Losers: Special McLaren Widebodies Drop 300 LBS on Carbon Diet


Cool Losers: Special McLaren Widebodies Drop 300 LBS on Carbon Diet

For many, the idea of owning and accessing a supercar like the McLaren 720S is sufficient in providing enough exposure, excitement, and entertainment to reach satiety. The progressive thinkers, like Peter Northrop at 1016 Industries, wouldn’t dare flirt with the norm, though, and instinctively stay on the hunt for something bigger, better, and more satisfying.

Like you, Peter Northrop has been enamored with automotive life since his earliest days, but it was the Huracan LP 610 that he spotted at a Miami Lamborghini dealer that would inadvertently push him toward his career path. It wasn’t the googly-eyed rush of emotions followed by the requisite poster on the wall for inspiration. Northrop was instead intrigued by Lamborghini’s bemusing use of so much plastic on an automotive outlier, where he felt superior materials were deserved.

That Huracan encounter was the nudge that sent Northrop toward automotive design with a vision to provide high quality goods to high-end vehicles. In 2014, after a stint with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) at the Maserati/Alfa Romeo brand, he founded his own company – 1016 Industries. One of his company’s first orders of business involved creating a new body kit for that same Huracan LP 610 he’d visually picked apart at the dealer years prior.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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