Confirmed: Porsche Macan Electric SUV Coming in 2023


Confirmed: Porsche Macan Electric SUV Coming in 2023

The Porsche Taycan electric sedan is due to get a bigger sibling come 2023 with the arrival of the Macan electric SUV. Despite sharing its name with the gas-powered compact luxury SUV Porsche currently sells, the battery-electric Macan will complement, rather than replace, its internal combustion engine counterpart.

It’s a similar strategy to what Audi plans to apply to its A6 midsize sedan line, which will offer both ICE- and EV-powered options, each built around completely different platforms. S it’s no surprise that the electric Macan rides on the same Premium Platform Electric (PPE) underpinnings as the electric A6 E-Tron concept car that previews an upcoming production sedan bearing the same name.

While Porsche’s eager to share details about the development process of the electric Macan, which includes digital testing using computer models to simulate real vehicles and external properties, the brand’s currently keeping the SUV’s performance and powertrain specifics closer to the chest. Nevertheless, Michael Steiner, a member of Porsche’s executive board, told MotorTrend and other media outlets in a roundtable interview that the German brand plans for the electric Macan’s driving range to top the Taycan’s, which currently manages a maximum range of 227 miles per Environmental Protection Agency testing. We wager Porsche will squeeze at least 250 miles of EPA-rated range from the electric Macan. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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