Circuit or Drag Racing? Hondata Says, “Why Not Both?”


Circuit or Drag Racing? Hondata Says, “Why Not Both?”

The 11th-generation Civic family, in part, just began hitting the streets this year, with the Type R yet to be unveiled. Just as with any new vehicle these days, especially Honda/Acura, the internet is ablaze with digital rioters demanding 25-year-old chassis be put back into production and designers be fired immediately. The reality is, most people aren’t comfortable with change, but in time, attitudes adjust and familiarity turns into acceptance.

In the case of the 10th-gen. Civic, the masses were none too pleased with the Type R’s five-door layout nor were they celebrating a turbo Si, being that said turbo was attached to a rather small 1.5-liter power plant. That was then; today, the 10th-gen. is widely accepted, very popular among enthusiasts (a smash hit for average consumers) and has an ever-growing aftermarket. One of the very first aftermarket brands to tackle every new Civic model is Hondata, who’ve developed race and C.A.R.B. legal tuning options, as well as direct injection fuel system upgrades for modern Civic models.

At this year’s SEMA week, Hondata featured a pair of 10th-gen. Civics intended for entirely different challenges. The Spoon Sports USA FK8 is the latest race car from the Anaheim-based outfit and features some of the trademark touches that every Spoon fan is enamored with. Next to it is Nick Zambrano of Ososik Media‘s Civic Si sedan drag car, and both grabbed show goers attention during the week.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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