Catching Up with Project X at the Chevy Booth: SEMA Show 2021


Catching Up with Project X at the Chevy Booth: SEMA Show 2021

Project X is a hit and on display, right now, in the Chevrolet booth at the 2021 SEMA Show. Quiet down, keyboard warriors, we’ve heard enough from the likes of you. What we didn’t hear was the Project X’s Chevrolet Performance prototype eCrate Connect & Cruise drivetrain at the SEMA Monday Reveal, but we definitely heard all the applause as Steven Rupp and Russ O’Blenes drove up the ramp to greet Kevin Oeste, emcee of the event. All we’re hearing now in Chevrolet’s booth is excitement about the famous yellow ’57 Chevy getting an EV conversion with GM’s latest and greatest technology, and appreciation for the fact that we’re not letting Project X collect dust anymore.

The experts at Vic Cagnazzi Racing and E-Crate Solutions (Cagnazzi’s new EV conversion venture) did more than just pull the 6-71 Weiand-blown LSX from between those famous yellow fenders. There’s a dirty little secret about most of the show cars at SEMA—oftentimes, they barely run and drive, if at all. That is not the case with Project X.

If you’ve followed our SEMA Show coverage from previous years, you’ve likely read about the SEMA crunch—the last push toward getting a display car ready for the SEMA Show, when builders often pull all-nighters (sometimes multiple nights, consecutively) to get their vehicles transported to the Las Vegas Convention Center in time. Even though the crew at Cagnazzi and E-Crate Solutions had to pull the traditional all-nighter to get X on the transport truck, Project X runs and drives just fine. Every light and dial works, and it even cruises better than it has in over a decade. Really, all Project X needs now is a recharge on the A/C, which had to be evacuated for the EV conversion.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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