Car and Driver’s Best Images of 2021


Car and Driver’s Best Images of 2021

Photographs are the closest scientists have come to developing a time machine. They are tangible proof that, at one time, light existed within a space, even if just for a fraction of a second. Although not as visceral as being sucked through a phone booth and spat back out into the 1980s, photos are proof stuff happened. So looking back at the Car and Driver photo album, we’d argue there’s some good evidence it has been an exciting year for the automotive industry.

This year, our staffers tested the most powerful electric vehicles ever made and drove the quickest cars we’ve ever tested. We let the cars do some of the driving this year, only to discover that maybe it’s too early to retire the opposable thumbs. We said goodbye to 25 discontinued models that won’t join us for 2022, and we took what could be our final thrill ride in a segment not long for this world. Here’s what else happened this year, in photos and illustrations:

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