Can the Ram 1500 TRX Still Be Cool Without 702 HP? We Think So


Can the Ram 1500 TRX Still Be Cool Without 702 HP? We Think So

The 2021 Ram 150 TRX is an awesome truck—full stop. And we don’t mean that in the colloquial sense of awesome, we mean that in the literal sense—its astounding acceleration, cross-country abilities, and relative civility inside inspire awe—and earned it our Truck of the Year award. It’s a supertruck, the first of its kind, and a no-brainer for the title. No question that the TRX does more than any other truck in history effortlessly, and with few flaws.

But you know why we love it. You also know about our only major quibble: with great performance comes great thirst. The TRX delivers atrocious fuel economy, and no one should be surprised by that when you’ve got a 702-horsepower supercharged V-8 accelerating 6,350 pounds’ worth of off-road full-size pickup truck to 60 MPH in 4.1 seconds—making the Ram the quickest truck we’ve ever tested. It chugs gas, and the window sticker carries EPA estimates of 10 mpg in the city and just 14 on the highway.

That’s … not good. Maybe there is no getting around it; the Hellcat derivatives are the Crown Jewels of the Ram/Jeep/Dodge lineup. Had Ram downsized, hybridized, or dieselized the TRX at launch, it would’ve run the risk of the sharing newest Ford F-150 Raptor’s fate: showing up a few days late and a couple cylinders short. For better or worse, one-upmanship is a truck’s game, and Ram went all in. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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