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Camaro ZL1 and SS BANNED From Cali and Washington For This….

The Camaro ZL1, SS, 1LE are banned from CA and WA for containing to much copper in their brake systems, which kills fish.

California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) stepped up its efforts to regulate brake pads in 2010, when then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill called the California Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Material Law. It prohibits carmakers and suppliers from selling brake pads “containing more than trace amounts of copper, certain heavy metals, and asbestos.” Pads containing heavy metals and asbestos were banned in 2014, and a ban on brake pads containing more than 5% copper will come into effect in January 2021.

“We will resume allowing customers in California and Washington state to order the Camaro SS, ZL1 and 1LE models in 2022 when we introduce a new brake system that is compliant with the copper requirements,” company spokesperson Kevin Kelly said in a statement sent to enthusiast website GM Authority.

The Article From Autoblog goes more in depth.

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