Bugatti Working With Porsche & Rimac?!?!?!


Bugatti Working With Porsche & Rimac?!?!?!

  • During Volkswagen’s Power Day event this week, CEO Herbert Diess confirmed that Bugatti will become a subsidiary of Porsche within the VW Group.
  • Meanwhile, Porsche and hyper-EV specialist Rimac are in talks for a joint venture that would lead to a future Bugatti they would build together.
  • It would make sense to use the platform that underpins the Rimac C_Two, but that kind of detail will come later.

The move toward widespread electrification is set to transform the very top of the car market as well as its lower reaches. Last year we told you about discussions between Volkswagen Group and Rimac over the future of Bugatti, with VW reportedly offering to cede ownership of its grandest brand in exchange for increased equity in the Croatian hyper-EV maker.

Yet that didn’t happen, and last month Porsche—ultimately owned by Volkswagen—spent more than $83 million increasing its existing 15.5 percent stake in Rimac to 24 percent. But now Volkswagen’s CEO, Herbert Diess, has offered up some more pieces of the puzzle, confirming both that Bugatti is going to become a Porsche subsidiary and that discussions have begun over a joint venture between Rimac and Porsche for a future Bugatti product.

The article from car and driver goes more in depth on the joint ventures in the work

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