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Boss 302 Mustang: My Take on it

Welcome back to a take on another vehicle that’s a part of my life and my addiction. The 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302. This car became a part of my life in 2012. It was a car I had been reading tons about. I heard it was coming back and when the 2013 version came out it was beautiful. My Mom’s dream car has always been a Mustang boss 302 in white, so for some time I looked around searching for the right car with the right deal. Now with the 2013 Boss’ arrival, my father and I knew it had to happen. I searched for about 3 months starting in September, looking for a Performance White Boss 302, and the only two I was able to find that were not accounted for were in North Carolina (Charlotte I believe) and Texas (Fort Worth I recall). After talking to my dad about planning out a trip or having the cars bought and shipped unseen, a miracle came across. Miller Ford in New Jersey ordered one and just put it on their website. My father called and the next day we were at the dealership paying for a vehicle that had not even arrived yet. After waiting for what seems to be an eternity, Miller called and we got a very cool delivery experience. I was very grateful for that. The best part was that Christmas was about a week away from the day we took delivery of it. Come Christmas day, my mother was in awe. The car she has been dreaming about for years was finally in her driveway.

This car is phenomenal in a lot of ways. The uniqueness of it, many subtle things, and the presence it has over a normal Mustang is awesome. When I finally got the chance to drive, it only had 270 miles. Now we are at about 6,500 miles. This car is insanely loud from the factory and with the removal of the restrictor plates in the H pipe side exhaust exits, it is a beast. The forged 5.0 Coyote motor is a thrill and maybe one day I can boost it, but for now, it is just great. This car roars to life every time and I just smile. It sounds angry and always demands more from you, which I love, The power is nice and linear but with the lower end torque providing a punchy/snappy throttle for endless fun. Sadly I suffer from the infamous BBQ tick lick that plagues most 5.0 owners, but outside of that my only gripe is the live axle in the rear. This car has been a complete joy and I love it to death as it always puts a smile on my face. As my Rx-7 is out of commission, this Boss 302 will become my track rat for the meantime There are only 6-7 events this year and it will be fun to conquer a new beast and what better way to do it but in a Boss 302. The featured image is my family’s Boss 302.

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