BMW Returns To The Super Bowl After 7 Years


BMW Returns To The Super Bowl After 7 Years

It last aired an advert at the event in 2015.

Now that the Bavarian manufacturer has a series of new electrified products such as the BMW iX and i4, it may be looking to expand its marketing program. That’s exactly why we could be seeing an all-new advert being aired at this year’s Super Bowl. As reported by Automotive News, an insider revealed that the brand had put something special together to punt its new products. However, nothing more than that was confirmed.



The last time BMW took to the Super Bowl screen was in 2015 when it wanted to get more exposure on its first fully electric car, the i3. The witty campaign had Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric talking about the progression of the internet since it was introduced to the world on a mass scale in 1994. The point of the story was to highlight how we will see electric cars in the same way in two decades’ time.



BMW reentering the Super Bowl sphere this year makes perfect sense when you consider that, in the American market, it experienced a healthy year of sales in 2021. It was so positive that it saw the brand besting Mercedes-Benz for the first time since 2015. The last three months of 2021 were a challenge for the brand but as for the rest of the year, BMW enjoyed a sales increase of 20.8 percent.



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