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BMW F80 M3: Review

Alright, I’m new to this so bear with me. I own a 2017 BMW M3 paired with a manual transmission; Mineral Gray with a Sakhir Orange interior. I purchased this car in August of 2018 with 11k miles and it is currently sitting at 35,500. If that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t what will, it hasn’t been hard to put on 24k miles in 16 months. This car has been phenomenal so far and I am always smiling. When it was in its stock form (Will go into modifications shortly) it was a blast. It was a classy super saloon but was subtle. It blended in and the true car enthusiasts appreciated it, which was nice. I was shocked by how it performed at numerous rallies and roll racing events. I held my own along with disappointing some people with big egos. I have had trouble free mileage so far outside of regular maintenance, with the exception of one cracked windshield. I decided to go put a Frequency Intelligent exhaust system and wow! speechless for how insane it sounds. To go the extra mile I went with a Stage 1 Bootmod3 tune; that’s what ultimately took this car too that next level. The performance from stock to now is mind blowing. It carries the stock characteristics but makes it more aggressive, and when you hit the throttle…hold on. I was also lucky enough to obtain a sponsorship from XOLUXURY Wheels, so the new wheels are a nice touch. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this car, and with the used market on these making it a very feasible option, I highly recommend it anyone who is debating it. I was originally looking at an AMG GTS, Dodge Viper and C63, even though the viper and gts were slightly out of my price range. But test driving the M3 set my mind. A huge selling point was a manual transmission and I have yet to regret that decision. I already have the next set of modifications planned out and cannot wait to start that. The featured image is what my M3 looks like currently.

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