Blacklake XT1 First Drive: Promising, But Problems Abound


Blacklake XT1 First Drive: Promising, But Problems Abound

The six-figure market has never had more utilitarian options than it offers today. There have always been a few choices for those going off-road in style, but as overlanding becomes more in vogue and dirt trails beckon to the wealthy few, new, more capable, ever-more-expensive trucks pop up by the week. And the newest entry to the high-end, hard-core off-roading market is this Chevrolet Silverado-based prerunner, the Blacklake XT1.

Blacklake Research and Development is an entirely new competitor in the independent tuning space. While the company is still in its infancy – the two trucks pictured in this story are the only two Blacklake products in existence – its founders have years of experience working at Detroit OEMs. So they’ve aimed high both metaphorically and literally for their first product, with this Chevy-based monster.

The XT1 is built on the current-generation Silverado Trail Boss, but the spec sheet promises a driving experience unlike anything the Bowtie offers from the factory. JRI coilovers, billet control arms, and 11.5 inches of travel up front; head around back, and an electronically locking 3.73 rear diff supported with a custom-made five-link setup promises a staggering 17.5 inches of travel. Lanternmark jounce shocks support the truck at all four corners, so even when all that travel is finally exhausted, there’s still a soft landing for the driver.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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