Bizarre ‘Lo-Res Car’ Fetches Surreal $111,111 Price at Bring a Trailer Auction


Bizarre ‘Lo-Res Car’ Fetches Surreal $111,111 Price at Bring a Trailer Auction

While the vehicle you see here looks like a smaller, car-like sibling to Tesla’s radically styled Cybertruck, this futuristic wedge is actually the creation of footwear company United Nude. Christened the Lo-Res Car, this wacky vehicle was originally sketched by United Nude founder Rem D. Koolhaas, drawing inspiration from an abstract, low-resolution version of the Lamborghini Countach. While it’s tricky to spot the Countach heritage, the Lo-Res Car’s design is certainly stunning and now it can be yours, with United Nude’s vision up for sale on auction site Bring a Trailer.

Four prototypes of the Lo-Res Car were created for promotional purposes, with the initial version winning a Wallpaper Magazine Design Award in 2016 and later prototypes appearing in music videos. This example, chassis number three, is built on a steel tube-frame chassis with a body made from 12 tinted clear polycarbonate panels. There are simple rectangular light bars in the front and rear, as well as illuminated United Nude logos. A KDS 5-kilowatt electric motor powers the Lo-Res Car through the rear wheels via a single-speed transmission, and it uses front disc brakes to come to a stop—although it likely never gets going very fast to begin with.

To get inside, the remote-control clamshell bodywork raises to reveal fixed tandem seating made from polished metal with ribbed black upholstery. On either side of the seats are several light bars and the driver’s control panel—which includes an ignition switch, battery charge indicator, and other switches—sits to the right. The driver navigates via a chrome, hexagonal steering wheel, and there are simplistic digital displays positioned behind the wheel.

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