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Beginner’s Guide To Sim Racing

Well, I am back again to bring to you the Beginners guide to Sim Racing. I decided to jump into the virtual world this year by building a whole set up and joining the SimXperienz league that was put together by the great TrackXperienz. So when I decided I wanted to do this I set aside a budget to work within, Even though I really didn’t have one as my real focus should be on the Rx-7 but said “Why not” since it has been something I always wanted to do and can use it year-round. So to start this the First thing you need to look at is what configuration you want. You have 3 choices, Single Monitor, Triple Monitor, and Virtual Reality. It comes down to personal preference, I decided to go with a single monitor as I am going VR soon. The monitor I went with that is relatively cheap but excellent is the Asus 27 Full HD 165Hz HDMI DisplayPort DVI-D FreeSync Curved LED Gaming Monitor and I love it. I am not going to go into Computer/PC aspects as it all varies based on needs and depends on what you are willing to spend. The second part of this puzzle is the frame/cockpit, the trick to this is to find one that most importantly fits your budget as there are many different forms (Stationary, pitch/yaw motion, full-motion, etc). For most people stationary is the route we take and the biggest thing to consider is rigidity. Having something that won’t flex from inputs is crucial to not prolong life but help with comfort and ease of use. You don’t have to fight with the frame to ensure you have to correct inputs in the race. A lot of people recommend Playseat or Next Level Racing as they are good entry-level frames/cockpits. I went with the Next Level F-GT Dual Position, I wanted variability if I got tired of the seating position. Now down to the most important aspect, Steering Wheelbase, and pedals. There are so many options to go through. You have one of the best Fanatec that many prefer but are not cheap at all. Thrustmaster which is widely used and what I currently use, I have the Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer. The best entry-level and most common would be Logitech, Most people recommend the G29 for how customizable it is. All in all, it depends on what your budget is it, No matter how anyone puts it Sim Racing is not cheap at all. My set up was $2,800 but that was including a PC. If you have a PC you can get the setup I have for 1,500. I recommend this to anyone looking to hone their skills for the track and keep them fresh for when the real season comes. The software I run is iRacing, as that is what the league I am in uses.

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