Audi to Sell New A6 EV Hotness Alongside Old, Different A6 Gas Model


Audi to Sell New A6 EV Hotness Alongside Old, Different A6 Gas Model

The electrification of the auto industry presents a conundrum for automakers transitioning legacy models from gas- and diesel-powered internal combustion engines to electric motors: what if the industry is ready before the customer is? In the case of the Audi A6, the brand says it’s planning on selling two versions: one gas and one electric, the latter of which is set to arrive for 2024 and bear the name A6 E-Tron.

Audi thinks some customers may not be ready (or able) to make the leap from gas to electric powertrains by the time the A6 E-Tron hits dealers. Audi cites today’s charging infrastructure as the main reason for this. While growing rapidly, today’s EV charging infrastructure still leaves much to be desired in some parts of the United States (and elsewhere on the globe).

The gas A6 will look a lot like today’s model. Although it’s likely to be updated by 2024, the current A6 is a fairly young car by Audi standard. It dates back to 2018 and was freshened just last year. Riding on Audi’s modern MLB Evo platform, the gas-powered A6 will likely continue to be available as a sedan and as a wagon (in the forms of the A6 Allroad and RS6 Avant). It’s probably a safe assumption that the current lineup of turbocharged I-4s and V-6s, as well as standard all-wheel drive, remains, though the future of the V-8-powered RS6 Avant is probably murky at best. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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