Astron Aerospace Reimagines The Internal Combustion Engine


Astron Aerospace Reimagines The Internal Combustion Engine

At this point, a lot of us are starting to come to terms with the eventual demise of the internal combustion engine. With electric powertrains and battery technology advancing at lighting speed in recent years, developing, building, and ultimately owning an electric motorcycle is now cheaper and more convenient than ever.



That being said, the internal combustion engine will certainly be here for several more years to come—even after the proposed 2035 ban on new gas-powered machines. Several companies, including some of our favorite motorcycle and car makers, have been lobbying for gas-powered engines to remain in existence. At the same time, it would appear that the good old ICE has yet to swing its swan song. Well, at least, this is what Astron Aerospace believes with its newest creation, the Omega 1.



The Astron Omega 1 is a one-of-a-kind design. Astron has divided a four-stroke engine’s four strokes into two independent chambers, with a pre-chamber in between. Two primary shafts are stacked vertically and coupled with synchronizing gears so that they rotate at the same RPM in opposite directions. Four rotors are placed on the two shafts and run in two pairs, one on the front end for intake and compression strokes and the other on the back end for combustion and exhaust strokes. A rotary disc valve and a pre-chamber are located between the two sets of rotors.


For the video and full story, check out this article from Ride Apart.


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