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Aston Martin Boss Reveals Plans for a Fully Electric Performance Car and SUV

Remember, Aston Martin has a relationship with Mercedes-Benz, which supplies the brand with high-tech powertrains—and, last time we checked, that included gasoline-electric hybrid and battery-electric technology. Stroll was equivocal about the notion of using Mercedes components on these vehicles, saying all options are on the table, but there are many reasons why sourcing the components from Mercedes would make sense.

Onto the vehicles: Stroll told FT the performance vehicle will be a proper front-engined car, specifically a “version of a DB11/Vantage”. This should be good news for enthusiasts given the propensity of those cars to thrill. The SUV will be, well, an SUV—although it’s unclear if it’ll be a BEV variant of the DBX or another vehicle entirely. Nor is it clear whether the EV performance vehicle will rely on the same underpinnings of the DB11 or if it will utilize a bespoke platform. Those kinds of details should emerge when the company firms up its plans. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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