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Another Toyota 2000GT Is Getting a Factory-Ordered, Nut-and-Bolt Restoration

It’s red now but not even Toyota is sure of this particular 2000GT’s original paint color.

The 2000GT was a hugely important car for Toyota. Nobody knows this better than Toyota itself, which is probably why the company has commissioned yet another “full bumper-to-bumper” restoration of the ultra-rare classic, this time in South Africa.

Spurred on by the recent reproduction of 2000GT components under Toyota’s GR Heritage Parts project, this officially-commissioned resto will be handled by the father-son team at Generation Old School in Gauteng, South Africa. This shop apparently has experience restoring everything from old VW Beetles and Microbuses to classic American muscle like Chevelles and Chargers. They’ll be restoring a 2000GT from Toyota South Africa’s collection, specifically chassis number MF10-10207.  For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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